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Notice: The Nanaimo Park Jugglers will close permanently the end of May 2008. The last meeting will be held Wed 21 May 2008 (yes this a change from 28 May).

The Nanaimo Park Jugglers exist to host the Nanaimo Park Juggling Jam .

The Juggling Jam takes place Sundays from about 3 to 5 pm and Wednesdays from about 7:30 to 9:30 pm in Nanaimo Park, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, (see the Where Page for a map) or indoors (when dark or raining etc) in the Qualicum and Graham Park Community Centre which is located right beside the park. See the When Page for a detailed list of meeting times.

The purpose of the " Juggling Jam " is to provide a place where people interested in juggling or other circus sports can get together to meet, practice, ask questions, learn from each other or just talk juggling.

Everyone is welcome and it is FREE! Beginners are encouraged to come out as this is the place to learn how to juggle. There is some equipment for beginners to borrow. However, please be advised that the meetings are not a form of daycare and children under 13 must be supervised by an adult.

Want to add some fun, action or a "learn to juggle" activity to your event? Then check out the "Right On The Head" Juggling Troop . Club Press Kit: Information flyer or Poster . Still have some questions? Check the Contact Page. LOOK BELOW for more club info...

Ottawa Unicycle Invaision 2008 (OUI'08) 24-25 May 2008 - Be There!

Upcomming Events:

  • Turbo Fest - Festival de Jonlerie. 4-5-6 Jan 08 a l'ecole de cirque de Quebec. Details Cick Here.
  • Toronto Unicycle Club 20th Anniverary. 12 - 13 Jan 2008.
  • Waterloo Juggling Fesival. 15 - 16 March 2008, University of Waterloo. Waterloo Ontario. Details: TBA
  • Montreal Juggling Festival. 2 - 4 May 2008, Ecole Lucien Page, Montreal, Quebec. Details: Click Here.
You can also check out Internet Juggling Database for more event info.

A Channel Broadcast of Ottawa Help Santa Toy Parade 17 Nov 2007. Thanks to Rick for recording this footage.
Constance Bay Juggling Club
Our very good buddy John Fremont has started a new juggling club in Constance Bay. It runs every Sunday from 2-4 pm at the Constance Bay Community Centre (262 Len Purcell Drive, Constance Bay, Ontario). Our club has an open invitaiton to join in especailly when we are closed! Everyone is welcome. Click on the thumbnail to the left for a bigger map.
Dan's Dangerous Juggling Movie Dan's Dangerous Juggling Video! (Nov 07). Click on the thumb nail to see the video (QuickTime 1.7 MB). Sorry for the poor quality but I shot the video with my cell phone.
Help Santa Toy Parade 2007. For the 5th straight year the Nanaimo Park Jugglers Unicycle Team helped out by volunteering to ride in the Ottawa Help Santa Toy Parade. The weather was perfect and everything went as planned. With 24 Unis and 1 trick bike we even broke last year's record of 23 + 2!! For those who missed the parade it will be aired on the "A Channel" Saturday, December 1st at 9:00 a.m. Once again thanks to everyone who participated and I hope to see you all next year!
Update: From the organizer Jeff Wainwright: "THANK YOU! The 38th Annual 'Help Santa Toy Parade' was a tremendous success! Thanks to all the parade participants, volunteers and all the spectators who came out to show their support for such a worthy cause. The weather was fantastic and we had a record turnout this year. At this time, the toy collection is way up and cash donations are at least matching last year. Initial counts indicate $50,000 in cash donations and 55,000 toys collected."
Ottawa Help Santa Toy Parade 17 Nov 2007. For the 5th straight year the Nanaimo Park Jugglers Unicycle Team is entering the parade! For more infomation contact Carl HERE
Jordan A Hit A NAUCC 2007
Our own Jordan Fremont took 7 medals at NAUCC 2007 this year! Click on his pic to check out the article published in the paper. Way To Go Jordy Boy!!

World Juggling Day 16 June 07.
In honour of World Juggling Day 2007, the Nanaimo Park Jugglers will hold a juggling jam downtown in Confederation Park, across from Ottawa City Hall from 1 - 4 pm. As usual, everybody is welcome!

OUI'07 Ottawa Unicycle Invasion 26-27 May 07 Yes it is official. OUI'07 will be hosted by the Nanaimo Park Jugglers in Nanaimo park 26-27 May 07. For more info check out the web page by clicking on the temporary logo at the left!.

Roth Promo Movie Dax's first uni ride at the club Dec 06. Click on the thumb nail to see the video (QuickTime 1 MB).

Ottawa Help Santa Toy Parade 18 Nov 2006. For the 4th straight year the Nanaimo Park Jugglers Unicycle Team was a big hit at the parade! We had 24 riders (22 unis and 2 trick bikes) breaking last years record of 20! Of the 22 uni riders we had 5 girls and 1 world champion trials rider. A big thanks to all those who participated!

NPJ In The News! Check out this great article in "Nepean This Week" about the club that appeared in a September 2006 edition.

OUI'06 Highlights Video

Another great highlights video from Karl and Endless Productions. Check it out - 5 MB Quicktime format.

Ottawa Unicycle Invasion 2006

Will be held in Nanaimo Park on 4 Jun 06 starting at 1 pm. If you would like to help set up please arrive at 12. The event will feature a trials competition followed by a BBQ/Pool party. For more information contact Carl at (613) 293-5856 or email him at

Roth Promo Movie The Right On The Head Juggling & Extreme Unicycling Troop Promo Video released. Click the thumbnail to watch the video (QuickTime 5MB).

Nanaimo Park Jugglers (NPJ) 2005 Highlites Video Well here it is, the long awaited highlites video. Karl did a great job so be sure to check it out (24 MB).

Visit By Afghan Mini Mobile Circus For Children Berit and David of the Afghan MMCC visited the club in Nov as our good buddy Dr. Kaboom is one of their premier Canadian supporters. Click on the thumb nail to see their video (53 MB) or check out their web site HERE!

Ottawa Help Santa Toy Parade 19 Nov 2005. For the 3rd straight year, the Nanaimo Park Jugglers rode in the Sanata Clause Parade. We had 18 unicyclists (including 3 girls) and 2 bicycles. The weather was great and everybody had a geat time. The crowd really seemed to enjoy our entry once again. Check out the pics HERE!

Juggling Jam 13 July 05.
Fire juggling and breathing are now a regular part of the evening jams so don't forget to bring out your torches, fire balls etc and show us what you can do. And remember those inspiring words of Dr. Kaboom "If it's not burning, it's not juggling!". In addition to these great pics of Genesis by Karl, check out the other fire pics in the gallery.

Ottawa Canada Day Parade 2005. The Nanaimo Park Jugglers put an 18 rider strong unicycle team in the parade this year up from 12 riders in 2004. All riders received a freeCanada Day t-shirt and and all junior riders received a $10 honorarium. Check out the pics HERE.

World Juggling Day 18 June 05.
In honour of World Juggling Day 2005, the Nanaimo Park Jugglers held a juggling jam downtown in front of City Hall (across from Confederation Park as the park was closed) from 1 - 5 pm. We had a great time despite the rain. Check out the pics and videos HERE.

Upcoming Juggling Festivals. Waterloo Juggling Festival: 19,20 Mar 2005 (Details HERE). Festival de Jonglerie du Quebec: 1,2,3 Avril 2005 (Details HERE).

Ottawa Unicycle Invasion 2005
28-29 May

The Nanaimo Park Jugglers and the Uplands Circus are proud to announce that we will be holding OUI'05 right here in Ottawa 28-29 May 2005. You won't want to miss this action packed weekend of extreme unicycling. Check out the web site HERE which includes the OUO'04 Highlights Video. For more information contact Carl at (613) 293-5856 or email at

Carl and the Gang Appear on CBC TV - 26 Nov 04. Carl and the Gang were featured on CBC's "On The Road Again" starring Wayne Rostad 26 Nov 04. The CBC crew spent 2 days filming in October for the segment. As would be expected the CBC team did a great job and produced an excellent segment. Click on the thumbnail to the left to view the 27.5 MB clip. Check out the gallery for more pics.

Help Santa Toy Parade - 13 Nov 04. Once again this year the Nanaimo Park Jugglers' Unicycle Team volunteered to ride in the parade. Despite the cold and the lack of pizza at the finish everyone had a good time. Thanks to John, Jason, Karl, Carl, Thomas, Amanda, Charlie, Simon, John, Jordan, Scott and Phil for doing such a great job riding in the parade. Check out the gallery for more pics.

Canada Day Parade 2004 The "Right On The Head Unicycle Team" participated in this year's Canada Parade in Ottawa. Despite the thundering rain only an hour before, the weather cleared and 12 riders took part! Riders included: Carl (juggling), Jason (on his tall uni), Karl, Thomas (on his new 36" Coker), Devon, Alain, Sarah, Amanda, John (with his Canada Flag), Scott, Phil and Andrei. Everyone had a great time and the crowd seemed to really like to see us in the parade. Thanks to all those who took part! Check out the gallery for more pics.
World Juggling Day 19 June 04.
The Nanaimo Park Jugglers held another successful juggling jam downtown in Confederation Park to celebrate World Juggling Day 2004. Two new members will be comming out to our regular jams as a result. Also, congratulations to Carl who was the World Juggling Day Web Site "Grand Prize Winner"! He won a one year membership to the IJA, two DVDs from the 2003 fest, a three ball juggling video and a WJD 04 t-shirt. Congratulations also to Cathy who won a one year membership to the IJA. Remember, it pays to register on the World Juggling Day website!Check out the gallery for more pics.
Ottawa Unicycle Invasion 2004.
The Nanaimo Park Jugglers hosted the Ottawa Unicycle Invasion 29-30 May 04. The event was a blast with great weather and great riders. Thanks to everyone who helped to make this such a successful event. Check out the OUI'04 web site for pics and results!
TOque Games 2004 Carl, Karl, Thomas and Devon are seen here with Kris Holm at the TOque Games in Toronto on 6 Mar 04. Jason was also there and in fact took this picture. Everyone had a great time despite the Toronto Bicycle Show organizers who cut about 3/4 of the space normally allotted to the games and Chico racing's insurance company who cancelled the UMX event on the indoor track at the last minute. Despite all of that Carl actually completed 3 sections of the Beginners Trials competion, Thomas came in 2nd after a close tie-braker in the Beginners Trials competion, Karl and Devon had good showings in the Sport Trials competition and Jason held his own in the Expert Trials Competition. Everyone is looking forward to next year's event!
New Bedford Unicycles Ad! So what you think about Carl's attempt at "humour in advertising"? (Click on the thumbnail for a larger picture) Comments - go to the message page and add yours!

Sem Abrahams Sets Tallest Unicycle Record!
Check out this article about Sem Abrahams' record setting tall unicycle ride! CLICK HERE. Check out his web site for more details and a video!

Offbeat Juggling Article!
Check out this article that proves that Juggling increase brain matter! CLICK HERE.
Second Ride of the Nanaimo Park Jugglers' Uni Parade Team! The Nanaimo Park Jugglers' Uni Parade Team made it's second official ride at the Help Santa Toy Parade 15 Nov 2003. Carl, Karl, Thomas, Devon and Andrei rode the 3.5+ km route to the enjoyment of the crowd of thousands! Carl and Andrei rode freestyle with Carl juggling 3 clubs most of the way. The rest of the team hopped and jumped through downtown Ottawa on their mountain unis! Check the "Gallery" page for more pictures, and, for more unicycling info check out the Uni page.
First Ride of Nanaimo Park Jugglers' Uni Parade Team! The Nanaimo Park Jugglers' Parade Team made it's official debut at the Perth Fair Parade 29 Aug 2003. Carl, Karl, Thomas, Devon and Kevin rode the 3 km route much to the amazement of the crowd who seemed genuinely impressed with the team. Check the "Gallery" page for more pictures, and, for more unicycling info check out the Uni page.

Flying Karamazov Brothers Crisis - Nanaimo Park Jugglers To The Rescue!
As you may know the Flying Karamazov Brothers performed their orchestra show at the National Arts Center (Ottawa) June 5,6&7 2003 - and it was GREAT - but not before they had a minor crisis with their props being delayed at the border! Roderick Kimball (one of the "Brothers") gave our own managing juggler Carl Roth a call to see if we could help them out and of course we could! We delivered 24 clubs to the NAC prior to their afternoon rehearsal much to the relief of FKB! To show their gratitude they gave us 3 extra tickets for the Thursday show that we were already attending and after the show invited us back stage for autographs and photos!

  1. Check out the new " Press Gallery " to see our media coverage!
  2. With summer over the Juggling Jams will be outside in Nanaimo Park until it gets dark then they will move inside if there is interest. If inclement weather the Jam will be in the community center.
  3. See you there and don't forget to bring those unicycles!