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Chat Page started on Nov 18, 2001 Last post on Wed Dec 6 03:20:49 MST 2006

Carl on Mon Mar 21 00:19:14 MST 2005 said:


No stores in Ottawa sell deby style juggling/manipulation hats BUT I have a BRAND NEW TODD SMITH Black DERBY for SALE! I bought 4 for me and my troop but the sizes were slightly off so I ended up with one that wasn't big enough for me. Check out the Nanaimo Park Jugglers Home page at as there is a for sale ad near the bottom of the page (you will probably need to scroll down a bit) otherwise give me a call at 293-5856 and I will arrange to bring it to the juggling jam so that you can try it on.


craig on Mon Mar 14 21:33:50 MST 2005 said:

ok well i dont know how often people come on here, but i guess i might as well ask: where can i buy a top hat (preferably a derby style) in ottawa? i really want to start doing hat manipulation, and i dont want to have to order from the states. thanks!

Carl on Fri Dec 17 22:34:42 MST 2004 said:


We juggle every Wed night from 7-9:30 pm and Sun from 3-5 pm. The "When" page on the websight only list the days that we are closed.

Hope to see you at a jam soon,


André on Fri Dec 17 17:54:47 MST 2004 said:

Well I just found out about all of this. I've been juggling alone for some time now. I'll try to reach you guys to find out when the next jam is but I assure you that I will definitly be dropping by.

See you guys soon. André

Carl on Wed Dec 15 00:29:12 MST 2004 said:

Hello Pascal!

We were very excited to receive your letter. Thank you very much! We will be sending you a letter also which will include some new information for your family tree.

Your Great Uncle Carl

PascalViertelfrom Germany on Sun Dec 5 16:03:47 MST 2004 said:

Oh my fault. Carl, I think you are my great uncle. I have got it. and a letter is on the way to you. Yes from germany. A little bit far dont you think? O.K I hope you will answer. Ask Rose when you think Im a lier. She will tell you about me. Dont be suprised.You get the letter between the 15th and 20th of December, I think.

He Carl on Sun Dec 5 14:35:52 MST 2004 said:

Ah I forget my name. I am Pascal from Germany. A letter to Karl is on the way.

He Carl on Sun Dec 5 14:32:34 MST 2004 said:

You dont know me but you are my great cousin.You will hear from me soon. Happy juggling

Carl on Thu Nov 18 14:27:10 MST 2004 said:

Be sure to catch the Right On The Head Juggling Troop on CBC's "On The Road Again" starring Wayne Rostad, Friday 26 November at 7 pm. We will be part of the unicycle segment which I believe is third.

Carl on Mon Nov 8 21:45:37 MST 2004 said:


The when page only lists the cancelled days or special events. Unless the jam is cancelled it is on. The jam is on this Wed and Sunday and we are riding unis in the "Help Sanata Toy Parade" on Sat 13 Nov if you are interested. Remember the jam is on Wed nights from 7:30-9:30 pm and Sunday afternoons from 3-5 pm. The first two sundays in Dec are cancelled as we are performing at holiday events.

Hope to see you sometime soon,


Munira on Mon Nov 8 13:08:07 MST 2004 said:

Hey, I just found your site and was wondering if you are going to be having any more jams this year? From the looks of the "when" page it seems like most of them are cancelled...

I would love to come out and play.


ware-spy on Mon Oct 25 20:53:46 MDT 2004 said:

spy ware

Niall McKenna on Fri Oct 8 12:47:57 MDT 2004 said:

A very friendly and enthusiastic group of jugglers. Anyone passing by should check them out!

Sharron and Cliff on Fri Apr 23 14:29:19 MDT 2004 said:

We enjoyed seeing your names mentioned in the Prince George Citizen article on the Quebec Juggling festival. All the way to Beautiful B.C. your fame spreadeth!!!!

Carl on Sat Mar 13 22:53:20 MST 2004 said:

Don't for get to check out the Ottawa Unicycle Invasion 29-30 May 2004 OUI '04.

seb on Mon Feb 9 17:12:24 MST 2004 said:

I love he ad. All your missing is a cigarette ;)

Carl on Sat Jan 31 10:25:03 MST 2004 said:

I think that the ad could "work" with a real model - like the one Darren used in his ad on Universe 2 and just for the record I did NOT ask my wife Cathy to pose with my uni!

Carl on Wed Sep 24 11:30:12 MDT 2003 said:

Anyone interested in unicycling in the "Help Santa Toy Parade" at 1100 am on Saturday November 15th in downtown Ottawa let me know as I have submitted an entry for the Nanaimo Park Jugglers Unicycle Team. Carl Roth, Managing Juggler, Nanaimo Park Jugglers, (613) 293-5856 or by email using one of the links on the site.

Carl on Mon Sep 8 11:23:10 MDT 2003 said:


Effective this week, 10 Sep 03, the weeknight JAM has been moved from Tuesday nights to WEDNESDAY nights. The schedule will be update soon. Any questions contact Carl.

Carl Roth on Sun Sep 7 08:12:30 MDT 2003 said:

I just wanted to let everyone know that our first team unicycle ride at the Perth Fair parade was great success. In honour of our "unicycle friend" Darren Bedford we all wore Bedford Unicycle T Shirts and we sent Darren an autographed photo of the team taken right after the 3+ Km ride (see NPJ juggle home page for the photo). Darren was very appreciative and wanted to pass on his thanks to the team.

Kevin Willson on Fri Aug 8 18:53:38 MDT 2003 said:

Hey seb that sounds great

I will probally send you an e-mail soon

Carl on Sat Aug 2 20:13:09 MDT 2003 said:

Heh Seb! Great to hear from you. I hope your summer is going well. I will ask the guys as we were considering buying a new set of clubs anyway. We juggled the Lombardy Fair today and have mastered Karl feeding Devin and Me with Devin on my shoulders! Talk to you soon.

Seb on Wed Jul 30 17:22:52 MDT 2003 said:

Hey. How's everyone in OTtawa? I'm going to be making a trip up to the Santa Cruz to the Renegade workshop. Maybe buy a few things. Are there any special requests? It's a chance for you guys to save on shipping, just don't ask for anything that will have me arrested at customs . You can pay me back once i get bacK from California.

All the best.


Carl Roth on Wed Jul 16 13:26:12 MDT 2003 said:

Don't forget the Jam is still running Sunday from 3-5 and Tuesday from 7:30-9:30 pm. Be sure to check the "When" page for any last minute cancellations before you come out or give me a call.

Kevin Willson on Tue May 13 22:02:14 MDT 2003 said:


kevin on Tue May 13 22:00:53 MDT 2003 said:

ya i finally read my e-mail. I am good for thursday night

Darren on Tue Apr 22 09:59:28 MDT 2003 said:


A note to Carl Roth...

It was great to see all the jugglers and unicyclists on April 6 at the Nanaimo Park jugglers club. I will be back when I am in the Ottawa area. I had lots of fun.

Your dedication and drive to start and keep the club going has paid off with a great group of people. I am pleased to donate a new Bedford 24" Freestyle unicycle to the club.

It is people like you that make this world a nicer place to be in. Keep up the great work.

Cheers, Darren

Carl on Thu Apr 10 08:12:58 MDT 2003 said:

The pictures and videos from the Unicyle Workshop by Darren Bedford of Bedford Unicycles are now available in the GALLERY section. Enjoy!

Carl on Mon Apr 7 11:24:04 MDT 2003 said:

Those who didn't attend our unciycle workshop with Darren Bedford missed a really good event. Stay tuned for pictures and video on the gallery page!

Thomas on Sun Mar 16 02:00:01 MST 2003 said:

I hope every one is looking forward to the unicycle work shop on April 6 hosted by Darren Bedford. If you want to make an order for one of his unicycles please contact Carl Roth at 293-5856. Go to for more information on his unicycles. By the way if you order the unicycle on April 6 you won't have to pay shipping! Thomas.

Carl on Fri Feb 28 03:10:30 MST 2003 said:

Don't forget to bring some clean shoes to the jam so that we can keep the floor clean!

Carl on Thu Jan 16 03:03:26 MST 2003 said:

On Feb 2 we will be performing and teaching juggling at the Qualicum-Graham Park Community Association Winter Fun Day from 1 - 4 pm. This event will replace the normal Jam.

Carl on Mon Dec 9 13:34:05 MST 2002 said:

The Penzoil-Quaker State Corporate Christmas Party and the Oakville Players Theatre Group Christmas Party gigs went very well. Thanks to the "Right On The Head" juggling troop!

Carl on Mon Dec 2 16:58:48 MST 2002 said:

There WILL be juggling in December and beyond - I just need to update the calendar. If you need to check a specific date call or email me. (613)293-5856

Carl on Thu Nov 7 20:32:18 MST 2002 said:

If you missed the Nepean Fall Fair or the segment of us juggling on "The New RO" news program check out the Media section of the gallery page a mpeg video of the news clip.

Carl on Thu Sep 26 09:59:40 MDT 2002 said:

Our next "Gig" is the Bell-South Nepean Fall Fair - Saturday 28 September in Barhaven (park off of Longfields Dr.). We will be performing from 11 am until 4 pm near the BBQs. If you would like to participate please call Carl soonest!

Carl on Thu Sep 26 09:57:29 MDT 2002 said:

The Richmond Fair "Gig" went really well but we are starting to notice the lack of wireless microphones so that we can provide commentary. I will be looking into the audio situation.

Carl on Mon Sep 9 12:39:47 MDT 2002 said:

For those of you who missed the Jam yesterday, you missed a real treat. "Jess Kiddin" (aka Ian) from Perth dropped by in his clown costume to check us out. He couldn't stay too long as in his words "My rabbit is in the car!", however he did have time to give us some balloon twisting pointers, entertain some kids in the park and watch is try to do the "Shooting Star" 4 person club passing patter (which we almost got). Remember, if you snooze, you lose!

Elfie on Tue Aug 27 13:58:44 MDT 2002 said:

Wow what a neat name!!! The page cover looks great!!! I am impressed! Well done I wish you all the success!!!!! You guys are great. Just remember me when.............

Carl Roth on Fri Aug 23 10:33:19 MDT 2002 said:

A Reminder to everyone of the BBQ at my place after the Jam on Sunday 25 Aug 02. If you are comming please let me know. Nothing to bring. Hope to see you all there.

Carl on Fri Jul 26 12:36:28 MDT 2002 said:

Just a reminder that the Ottawa Busker's Festival on Sparks Street runs from 1 - 5 Aug 02.

Carl on Mon Jul 22 21:10:33 MDT 2002 said:

Just a note to remind everyone to check the "When Page" for the lates "Jam" schedule.

Carl Roth on Mon Jun 24 14:32:53 MDT 2002 said:

Anyone thinking of buying some props should send me an email as we are putting together an order for Higgins Brothers (True Canadian Balls). If we reach $650 CA we get a 10% discount. Regarless, we will be able to split the $6 shipping fee. Check the Canadian price list on the links page.

Carl Roth on Thu May 16 10:23:46 MDT 2002 said:

Hello Ryan! Glad to hear from you and looking forward to meeting you at the Jam.

Carl Managing Juggler Nanaimo Park Jugglers

Ryan Vickers on Tue May 14 13:12:42 MDT 2002 said:

Hello all... am writing from Strasbourg France, where I'm on university exchange. But really I live near Cornwall and will be returning there this summer so I hope I will be able to get up to Ottawa a few times to join your juggling jam! I learned how to juggle this year at my university sporting centre and love it! I even bought my own clubs! Hope to join you soon.


Bri (Cowguy) on Wed Apr 17 10:51:48 MDT 2002 said:

Hey Guys, It's been awhile since we've been out, but we've been on tour! Home now for a little bit, and hopefully we'll see you next Tuesday night. I just got a ladder!

I'm also looking for our sound system (cd, minidisc) that we left in Waterloo. I'm pretty sure it got sent home with Jason - but I lost his phone number.. if you know that be great.. (

Keep juggling!

Arlene & Devon on Mon Apr 1 22:49:31 MST 2002 said:

We think you guys are great! Keep juggling.........

Carl on Wed Mar 27 23:36:02 MST 2002 said:

We now have a Jam on Tuesday nights from 7:30 to 9:30 pm!!! The room is actually booked from 7-10. Hope to see you all there!

Carl on Mon Jan 28 11:45:27 MST 2002 said:

Our support to the Qualicum-Graham Park Community Association Winter Fun Day on 27 Jan 02 was a big success. Thanks to Serge and Karl for participating.

Carl on Tue Jan 22 00:17:14 MST 2002 said:

For those of you who didn't come out on Sunday 20 Jan you missed some great juggling by the Cow Guys! See, you can't miss a day as you never know who will show!

Carl on Sat Jan 19 11:32:42 MST 2002 said:

Sunday 27 January is a NO JAM day and the Qualicum-Graham Park Community Association Winter Fun Day. We have been asked to do some juggling in the small room where kids will be getting their faces painted. The face painting goes from 1:15 until 3:15 so anyone interested can join me and Serge (he already said he was interested) in juggling and teaching some kids to juggle. Serge will be bringing some extra bean bags and I will be looking into some scarves that the kids can keep. If you are interested email me at

Carl on Sat Dec 29 19:30:12 MST 2001 said:

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday! See you at the JAM tomorrow (Sunday 30 Dec 01).

Carl on Wed Dec 12 13:27:07 MST 2001 said:

The Nanaimo Park Jugglers are located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

CJ on Wed Dec 12 12:51:39 MST 2001 said:

What city is this in? I'm absolutley confused. I looked up a Nanaimo Juggling Club, and I don't recgonize tha map! Please help.

Carl on Mon Dec 10 13:00:15 MST 2001 said:

The Jam on 9 Dec was great with guests from the JAQ - Eric Soulard attending! I will post the pictures and movies in a day or so and hopefully before the weekend.

Carl Roth on Sun Dec 9 00:17:59 MST 2001 said:

The Jam for 16 Dec is on but with a delayed start. The timing for 16 Dec will be 4 - 6 pm.

Carl on Tue Nov 27 00:20:36 MST 2001 said:

Sorry for the page outage but Rogers did some upgrades to improve(?) my service (Right!) and do last minute damage control as Excite@Home goes bankrupt. After much pain I was able to finally talk to their DHCP server. At least I sorted it out before I broke down and just bought a router!

Carl on Thu Nov 22 00:26:09 MST 2001 said:

Just a reminder NO JUGGLING JAM this weekend.

Serge Mister on Tue Nov 20 15:21:57 MST 2001 said:

Felicitations, on a tout vu meme la quille a terre. Avec nous, il n'y en aurait aucune en l'air. Bisous Pierre-Paul, Monique, Julien epates. (

Carl on Mon Nov 19 21:34:54 MST 2001 said:

Sunday's Jam was excellent thanks to all the great jugglers that came out. People walking by in the park stopped to stare at the 18 odd clubs in the air.

Carl on Sun Nov 18 11:15:13 MST 2001 said:

Don't forget the jam this afternoon at 3 pm. See you all there.


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