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Unicycle Page

  • Upcomming Events :
    • Help Santa Toy Parade - 19 Nov 2005 - Call/email Carl (293-5856) if you want to participate.
  • Videos :
    • Plevna Muni Video - We shot a movie while on vacation in Plevna Ontario.
    • OUI'04 Highlights Video !

    • Carl's first big drop - approx 4 ft on the shores of Lake Nipising in Northbay 6 Nov 04 (3MB)

    • Carl doing some stairs at Queens University (5 MB)

    • Note: this file is BIG - 62MB!

    • Note: this file is BIG - 71MB!
  • Uni In The News :

    • A picture of Karl, Devin and Thomas Muni-ing at Bruce Pit recently appeared in the Ottawa Citizen Newspaper,
  • Recent Events:
    • Ottawa Canada Day Parade 2005. The Nanaimo Park Jugglers put an 18 rider strong unicycle team in the parade this year up from 12 riders in 2004. All riders received a freeCanada Day t-shirt and and all junior riders received a $10 honorarium. Check out the pics HERE.
    • Ottawa Unicycle Invasion 2005
    • Help Santa Toy Parade - 13 Nov 04.Once again this year the Nanaimo Park Jugglers' Unicycle Team will be volunteering to ride in the parade. Riders need to wear a red or Christmas theme sweatshirt/jacket and a "Santa Clause Hat" that they must provide themselves (unless they will be wearing a helmet). Anyone interested in taking part should call Carl at (613) 293-5856 or email him at More details will be posted closer to the event date.
    • Ottawa Unicycle Invasion 2004 : The Nanaimo Park Jugglers will be hosting the Ottawa Unicycle Invasion 29-30 May 04. Come on out and have some one wheeled fun, participate in competions or just learn how to ride a unicycle! For more information contact Carl at (613) 293-5856 or email at
    • Help Santa Toy Parade - 11am 15 Nov 03 : The Nanaimo Park Jugglers' Uni Parade Team made it's second official ride at the Help Santa Toy Parade 15 Nov 2003. Carl, Karl, Thomas, Devon and Andrei rode the 3.5+ km route to the enjoyment of the crowd of thousands! Carl and Andrei rode freestyle with Carl juggling 3 clubs most of the way. The rest of the team hopped and jumped through downtown Ottawa on their mountain unis! Check the "Gallery" page for more pictures.
    • Fall Rhapsody MUni Gathering - Camp Fortune - 5 Oct 03 : A small crowd but everyone had a good time!
    • Perth Fair Parade - 29 Aug 03: The Nanaimo Park Jugglers' Parade Team made it's official debut at the Perth Fair Parade 29 Aug 2003. Carl, Karl, Thomas, Devon and Kevin rode the 3 km route much to the amazement of the crowd who seemed genuinely impressed with the team. Check the out the pic HERE.
    • UNICYCLE BASKETBALL GAME TUESDAY JULY 8 7:30 PM Not the turnout expected but we played and had fun anyway!
    • Unicycle Workshop 6 April 2003 Featured Darren Bedford.
    • Demonstration Unicycle Basketball Game The Nanaimo Park Jugglers hosted a demonstration unicycle basketball game on 7 June 2003 from 5 - 6 pm as part of the Qualicum-Graham Park Community Association Summer Fun Day. The Qualicum-Graham Park Community Association provides the use of their community centre to the Nanaimo Park Jugglers FREE OF CHARGE. In appreciation of this fine gesture, we hosted the game on the Nanaimo Park basketball court to give Fun Day participants a demonstration of how fun unciycling can be. The game was very well attended and a lot of fun and as a result we will be planning more in the future. If you would like to play or need more info please contact Carl (613.293.5856). For a map to Nanaimo Park click HERE .
  • Jack Pine MUni Outings
  • Pics
    Roth Stable Feb 04
    The new "Bedford Boy"? You be the judge.....
    Karl's idea: The Bedford Seat Gator Aid Holder!
    Close up of Bedford Seat Gator Aid Holder!

    Trivia Question:
    Who donated a Bedford Unicycle to the Nanaimo Park Jugglers?
    You guessed it: Darren Bedford !