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The Nanaimo Park Jugglers are pleased to host the Ottawa Unicycle Invasion here in Ottawa 29-30 May 2004.

UPDATE: 0ui'04 Highlights Video Posted HERE!

OUI'04 will take place at Nanaimo Park and the adjacent Qualicum-Graham Park Community Centre. See the "Where" page for a map.

Naturally we are assuming that you know how to get to Ottawa, eh!

Come out and meet Darren Bedford of Bedford Unicycles - just one of our special guests! Darren will be bring advance orders to the event (saving you shipping costs) and personally set you up for OUI. Stop putting off learning to ride that unicycle - come out and join our beginner level workshops.

Check out the updated schedule which includes a Trials Workshop by Ryan Atkins!

Food Update: Cold drinks (pop and water) and snacks (fruit and baked goods) will be available for purchase at the event. In addition, a hot pizza lunch combo will be available for purchase on Saturday.

The web site is still under construction but check back often as we are constantly adding info.

Hope to see you in Ottawa in May!

Press Kit: Information flyer or POSTER (PDF format) . Still have some questions? Check the Contact Page .

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