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Note: Click for larger picture or to see movie.

Juggling Jam 13 July 05

Genesis puts up the spray (Photo by Karl)

Genesis lights it up! (Photo by Karl)

Dr. Kaboom warming his hands.

Devon actually juggling fire balls.

Carl juggling torches.

Jason & Thomas juggling torches.

Carl and the Gang on CBC's "On The Road Again" starring Wayne Rostad 26 Nov 04

Ruth, Carl, Wayne and Roger

Cathy and Wayne

Wayne and Buddy

Video of the program (27.5 MB)

Help Santa Toy Parade 13 Nov 2004 - Ottawa

Canada Day Parade 2004 - Ottawa

World Juggling Day 19 Jun 04

The drop back line.
(Photo by Jim Mickeal)

Help Santa Toy Parade 15 Nov 03

The Nanaimo Park Jugglers Uni Team:
Anrei, Devon, Karl, Carl and Thomas.

Carl with his clubs.

Carl juggling on his uni.

Juggling Jam 12 Nov 03

Carl & Karl Passing on Unis! (2 Mb).

Karl juggles 4 clubs. (2.8 Mb)

Karl & Devon "killing" 8! (2.5 Mb).

Karl & Devon Passing Back to Back. (1.6 Mb)

World Juggling Day - Confederation Park Ottawa - 14 Jun 03

The Gang less Kevin.

The Gang less Carl.

Ottawa Tulip Festival 17 May 03

Right On The Head

Right On The Head

Encore for Corinne!


Carl Teaches Uni.

Devin about to Wally Walk

Right On The Head