Nanaimo Park Jugglers, Ottawa Canada
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Here are some of the things we juggle/ride:

Todd Smith Decorated Euros

Higgins Brothers Bean Bags
500gr, Performer and Small

Todd Smith Bean Bags

Beard Cigar Boxes

Swiss Harlequin Diablo

Goudurix Bean Bags

Henry's Circus Undecorated Clubs

JuggleBug One Piece Clubs

Flare Knives

"Custom" Torches

Absolute Rings

Higgins Brothers DX Balls

Zeller's Scarves

Devil Sticks


Brine Lacrosse Balls

Sponge Balls

Talking Stooge Heads

Lacrosse Balls

"Pinky" Sponge Balls

Bean Bag Ducks
Semcycle Deluxe Unicycle Norco Unicycle CCM BMX